Study Visit “Our shared village”


Nearly 90% of youth live in developing countries, in other words,  there are 3 billion people under the age of 25 who comprise the largest generation in human history (CIDA, UN Population Report 2008).  Georgian Youth for Europe’s project, Our Shared Village aimed to empower young men and women from rural communities in developing countries and provided the needed knowledge, tools, and skills.

The Our Shared Village project was a new Georgian Youth for Europe (GYE) and Youth in Action EU_flag_yia_EN initiative that aimed to promote a better understanding of Georgia’s community development in rural areas. It seeks to bring together participants from programme countries and Eastern Partnership countries in areas of rural youth and get to know their changing environment, organizational and community needs for rural development, organizational participation in society and politics, and youth work in rural areas.

One of the activities to meet the goals and objectives for this project was a training and networking programme under the “Eastern Partnership window” (EACEA)eacea_logo_en that brough motivated international youth rural workers together in order to help them use their realities to create rural development projects.  GYE hosted a 7 day study visit in May 2013, where participants had the opportunity to tour 7 different NGOs throughout Georgia that focus on youth and rural community development. Participants of the Our Shared Village project got to know each other and Georgian rural NGOs history and mission, community involvement, project initiatives, realities and challenges of working in rural communities, and future projects.


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