Movie Night: first event of new generation of volunteers


Photos by: Edita Štulcaitė

Movie Night; Scout House; One Path Leads to Another Seminar



On Tuesday, EVS volunteers of GYE began their third week in Georgia by realizing their first event together. We can say that it was pretty motivating for future events because all of us were satisfied.

The seminar’s audience consisted of people from ten countries who were participants.  In addition to the seminar, participants visited Gardenia, GYE’s nascent ECO Village, Kremo Kartli’s Rural Development Agency, and the Rural Communities Development Agency to discover how Georgia is implementing Green Initiatives

 regionally and countrywide.  Participants also worked together to write new projects via a variety of team building and project planning activities.  Tuesday was intellectually difficult for all of them because they participated in four hours of presentations which took place that day in Rustavi’s Center for Civic Engagement Office.  

As we wanted them to relax we chose a chilled-out movie, and provided them with a taste of the “Hollywood” atmosphere, so popcorn was kind of mandatory.  Another important step was to choose a specific film: the screening took place at International Scout Centre Rustavi so it was obvious to us that we should make a reference to scouts.  Naturally we chose ‘Moonrise Kingdom’. We recommend it.

Everybody seemed to have a good time with the film, popcorn, and sangria.  There is no cinema in Rustavi and the feedback was very positive, so we are really looking forward to organising something similar soon for a wider audience.  

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