Getting closer to Georgian Culture: Picking grapes

Photos by: Ucha Dzidziguri

On 1st October the new generation of volunteers arrived to GYE in Rustavi. There are seven of us, Elliott from England, Ioseba from Spain, Ania from Poland, Edita from Lithuania (resident in Germany), Eva from Czech republic, Jana and Beáta from Slovakia. Till now we have a great time and we allready took part in a real Georgian supra!

We really deserve to have such a good time after (only) a few hours of picking grapes. That’s the point of getting to know autentic local culture and traditions: to be involved in the process of creating traditions. Cause everybody knows how awesome Georgian wine is, and that time we had invaluable chance to be creators somehow and consequently be a part of real Georgian culture.

Special thanks to Ucha who made these awesome pictures!

1              2

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