New Clubs are Starting!

New EVS Volunteers arrived in Georgia on October 1st and will begin leading clubs for Rustavi Residents on November 1st.  The following clubs will be offered each week from November 1st to June 27nd.  Young Georgians that actively participate in clubs will be considered when GYE send its members abroad for short term and long term EVS and training courses abroad!


English for Beginners Club

GB flag
To teach participants the basics of English (formal and informal greetings, conversation, speaking about family, professions, free time, studies, orientation in a new place) and to make introduction to English culture and society in the UK and the USA.
Jana from Slovakia is the leader of this club but will be supported by Edita, Ioseba and Christine who is a volunteer from the United States of America.
This club is scheduled for Tuesday and Friday at 14:45 + Monday and Wednesday at 18:00 for one hour each session.


English Conversation

USA Flag
The aim of this club is to improve the confidence, fluency, and vocabulary of participants in the areas of Sport, Travel, Healthy Life, Environment, Food, Family, and Environment.  We also want to provide participants an opportunity to spend free time productively.
Elliott from England, and Anna from Poland, are the leaders of this club and Christine, from the U.S.A., is their supporter.
This club is scheduled for Tuesday and Friday at 18:00 (both days) for 1-2 hours each session.


German Language Club

German Flag 2
The focus of this club is to prepare the participants for day to day conversation in German at a basic level, for example – presenting themselves (talking about their families, studies, job, country, hobbies) and to present the characteristics of German culture and society.
Edita will lead this club and Jana will support her.
This club is scheduled for Monday at 15:00 and Wednesday at 16:00 for one hour each session.


Spanish Conversation Club

Spanish Flag
During this club participants will learn the basics of Spanish language, geography, and will learn information about Spanish people.
Ioseba from Spain will lead this club.  If you know Spanish please feel free to offer him your support in offering this class!
This club is scheduled for Monday 17:00 and Wednesday at 17:00 for one hour each session.


Polish Language Club

Polish Flag The aim of this club is to help those interested in communicating in Polish learn how to speak with confidence to Polish people. Anna is the leader of this club and is Polish.
This club is scheduled for Monday and Wednesday at 19:15 for one hour each session.


Outdoor Activity Club

Outdoor Activity Clip Art
For those of us who want to be physically active, the outdoor club will provide interesting and fun outdoor activities that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.  We hope to educate participants about outdoor sports, practical skills and the environment.
Elliott will lead this club and Eva will support him.
This club is scheduled for Wednesday at 18:00 for 2 hours.


Equality Club

 Justice Scales Last year EVS volunteers at GYE hosted a series of workshops on Human Rights.  Many Georgian youth enjoyed these workshops, so this year we want to offer a club that is devoted to these topics: equality, tolerance, intercultural relationship-building, religion, minorities, gender, and many other important topics.  This club hopes to make people respect diversity.
Edita and Ioseba will lead this club and Christine will support them.
This club is scheduled for Thursday at 17:30 for two hours each session.


Other Ways to get Involved

If you’re more interested in volunteering than being a member of a club you can help people in need in Rustavi and work with EVS volunteers at Sapovnela or the Disability center.



This year three EVS volunteers will provide games, do team building activities develop artistic view and handicrafts based on upcycling.  Organize theater events where youth will be the actors.  This activity is not open for more participants BUT we would like a few Georgian Volunteers to help the EVS volunteers interact with the kids.
Beata, Eva, and Anna are the leaders of this club and YOU can be their support!
This club is scheduled for Thursday from 16:00-19:00.


Disability Center

Continuing the successful activities of last year, this year’s EVS volunteers will support the students and staff of the New Rustavi’s Disability Center.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact Ioseba, Jana, and Laura, who will lead activities concerning the Disability Center.
This club is scheduled for Monday and Wednesday at 14:00 for one hour each session.

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