International Youth exchange “Less Drinking, More thinking”

less drinking

By nationwide realities in promoter countries and the statistics what everyone can find in internet – irresponsible alcohol (binge drinking) use by young people is extremely popular and in the same time dangerous – both to themselves and society at large. Youth alcohol use often results with traffic fatalities, violence, unsafe sex, suicide, educational failure, and other problem behaviors that diminish the prospects of future success, as well as health risks.

The main goal of this transcultural youth exchange «Less drinking, More thinking» was to educate youth about responsible drinking, diminish risky  behaviors, and prepare young people for critical  situations likely to occur involving themselves or their peers in relation to alcohol use by them or others.
8 day exchange project was organized in Bakuriani, Georgia, 19-26th October 2013 in alcohol free environment and reached 30 young people from Netherlands, Georgia, Portugal, Poland, Armenia and Moldova. Main activity blocks contained information, recommendations, facts and figures on alcohol and its policy, integration and cultural differences, social values and their impact on public policy and sport as a means to promote education, health and self-development.

The most visible results of this exchange is a “Responsibility days” in partner countries what will consist from information, skills and knowledge gained during this exchange time. Association “Georgian Youth for Europe” organised creative afternoon in Rustavi School No3 on 29th of November where we shared information regarding youth exchange project with 10th class pupils. We introduce them with facts, recommendations and  about risks and consequences of alcohol misuse and irresponsible drinking (health, social, academic, relationships, crime), had a also quiz and presentation of movie done by project participants about alcohol prevention. We were happy to see that came a lot of youngsters and they were very much interested in the topic and with full energy took part in all activities.


Project was supported with Dutch National Agency of Youth in Action program in cooperation between Don Bosco Youthnet Nederland and Georgian Youth for Europe.

More information about the project and topics related responsible drinking find on facebook page.

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