Clubs In Full Swing

1463170_597915233606791_480855473_nAs we announced before, here on GYE website, new clubs with a new generation of volunteers started on November 2013: English for Beginners, English Conversation, German Language Club, Spanish Language Club, Spanish Conversation Club, Polish Language Club, Outdoor Activity Club, Equality Club, Sapovnela, activities in Disability Center. For now, when two weeks of active working with Georgian Youngsters is done and we can make partial evaluation.

Although there were some difficulties in the beginning such as nobody coming, too much people coming or totally different people in the first and second lesson. These troubles led to some upgrades of clubs structure. For example, English Conversation divided into two groups, intermediate and advanced.

Naturally you might be asking “how did you get the participants”. For this season we visit to a few schools in Rustavi to make a short presentation about GYE’s upcoming clubs. One of the volunteer’s clubs ‒ Media Club ‒ has been tasked to inform people about what is going on in our organisation, announcing GYE events, activities, schedule and topics of clubs. The easiest way to get this information is by visiting our page on facebook. Media Club is also the only one which is not based on georgian participants nevertheless GYE hopes to involve them soon, so that it can work as other clubs. If you are interested in strategies of media, in writing texts corectly or in editing pictures, sounds or videos, please don’t hesitate to contact us and support us in opening such a club.

Let’s not forget to mention also non-linguistic clubs: Outdoor Activities, Human Rights/Equality Club, Film Club. The Eguality Club discuss really fascinating topics. Despite our concern about georgian youngsters accepting complex topics, the dialogues there are quite satisfying. There were eight georgian participants, an American Peace Corps volunteer and French EVS volunteer from another organisation and obviously us, GYE volunteers. Subsequent meetings hosted even more Georgians!

Last, but not least, the volunteers assist with activities oriented on concrete groups. Sapovnela, where about ten children from 6 to 14 are come once per week (together with their teacher) Second specialised activity is working in Disability Center. Three volunteers support special education teachers during craft time and have been thinking of new acivities for the teacher to do with the kids. Also, two others volunteers teach the teachers there English.

As mentioned above it’s too soon to make a efficient, objective evaluation about our clubs impact. Whether or not, amusing and useful at the same time. We are not professionals, for most of the volunteers this is the first teaching experience. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to teach one’s own mother tongue because it is hard to “stand outside” that language and observe it the way the non-native would. As other tongue is transcendental for us, nobody can remember a time where they couldn’t speak, so it takes great effort to realize grammar nuances. That’s why participant feedback is important. So far it is possitive, at least they continue to come again.

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