The Volunteerism Fair


The Volunteerism Fair is an annual event in Tbilisi and Batumi hosting over 25 local, non-governmental organizations which attracted over 200 service-oriented Georgian youth. Organisations had the chance to recruit volunteers and also educated community members about their services, while students found volunteer opportunities that matched their interests and career goals.


This year GYE representatives Christine Robinson and Archili Pholadashvili attended the event which was organized by Peace Corps of Georgia and Helping Hands at Tbilisi Marriott.  During the project they took part in several very interesting and useful workshops regarding volunteer recruitment and management.  The were also able to share best practices.



After morning sessions, it came time for the NGO Cafe, where the organisations present represented themselves to the youngsters who were interested in becoming volunteers in the organisations. Guests were offered various volunteering opportunities by organisations working in many different spheres, but GYE, as an active youth organisation, was in the lime light for the youth in attendance, as many were extremely interested in the international and local activities of this organisation.


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