From April 15th to April 23th the Youth in Action Project Healthy, Wealthy, Eco Friendly took place in Rustavi’s Scouthouse.  This project was organized by Georgian Youth for Europe as a hosting organization in cooperation with the sending organizations: RPO “Belarusian Association of UNESCO Clubs” (Belarus), Youth for City – City for Youth (Latvia), and Eurocircle (France).

From the title, one can guess the project’s aim: to make youngsters aware of the recent hot topic of environmental problems.  There were four main topics which were stressed during “indoor time”: Climate Change, Water Resources, Personal Hygiene and Environmental Sanitation.

Activities regarding climate change focused on the basic facts concerning energy consumption with objective of initiating individual responsible behavior.  There was also conversation about this time concerning “Climate Refugees” in order to illustrate that many people (especially poor ones) are already suffering harshly from the effects of climate change.  In the Personal Hygiene section participants discussed hygiene and its connection to the environment by learning how to make homemade soap and detergents.  Lastly, the Environmental Sanitation part focused on wastes management and how to reduce it through recycling.

The methods of learning were basically creative tools and interactive, playful activities.  Leaders used a lot of energizers and games before, during, and after workshops. To turn the concept of healthy living into a reality, one day was dedicated to hiking in Khazbegi.  There were some weather-related and technical difficulties which made the trip even more memorable for the participants and is quite an effective team building tool.

Every participating country had one evening to present their culture.  The concept of these evenings was related to the four elements of nature: earth, water, air and fire.  AND, since April 22nd was Earth Day, we naturally had to celebrate it together.

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