10256804_679564272089487_1316547781998319401_nOn the  12th to 21st of April a group of 15 Georgians went on a nice trip to the UK.  The reason for their travel was a very interesting and useful youth exchange organized in Scotland, by “Stand International”, the top of which was social enterprise.  Social Enterprise is a particularly interesting topic for the participant countries of Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus, because it is not yet popular in those places.

The way from Georgia to Edinburgh was a bit long but v

ery interesting and full of adventures, on the way participants had time to visit London  for a sightseeing  tour.  An amazing Georgian family who has lived in London for 9 years helped the group during their tour.

When Georgians arrived to Larbert, they stayed at the old and beautiful Scottish Scout hostel,  which is exactly between Edinburgh and Glasgow.  The sun was shining and everything looked like a dream and whole project went exactly like as planned.  During the project participants were  working on the main topic, they had visits to charity shops to see everything in the practice, they also visited the municipality of the Stirlingshire and got information about their current and future projects.

During the project there were a lot of unforgettable moments, national evenings, and new friends.  The best memory was the Scottish Dance workshop.  We want to thank the project organizers, Alan and Garry, and every participant of the project.

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