Valley of Happiness

From 15th by 24  of February 2014 thirty people from ten different countries gathered together for a training course in Aghveran, Armenia.  Our EVS Coordinator – Salome Gvelesiani and GYE member – Irakli Antidze– were among the attendees.  The idea of this project “Valley of Happiness” was the outcome of several years of experiences gained through collaboration with different communities of the world ecology, environments, intercultural communication and eco-communities.  This TC on Eco-villages aimed to bring together knowledge, ideas, and experiences about eco-communities, eco-technologies and eco-building in one shared space.  The hope was that later the attendees would become an international platform of eco-communities, working together to achieve common goals in the mentioned fields, on local, regional and international levels.  Together with the main theme of the eco villages and eco-technology, people reflected on the ideas of worldwide peace, tolerance, human rights with an environmental point of view.  Another focus was the individual,  which we learned, is the seed of any social organization: understanding the deep essence of modern humanity is the key to the creation of a successful eco-community project.

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