YOUTH WORK OUTSIDE Study Visit in Armenia, Yerevan (12-19 May)

Youth Organization Federation of Youth Clubs or Armenia (FYCA) has implemented project, “youth work outside”, within the frame of EU “Youth in Action” program, where participated 30 participants from seven different countries: Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey, Italy, Latvia, Romania. Five members represented GYE.

Participants had the opportunity to visit youth organizations and governmental structures working with youth from rural area, to explore their good practices and approaches and reflect on those in relation to the participant’s home realities designed from youth workers involved in rural youth work and young people from rural areas. The European youth organizations are using different methods to involve young people into civil society. This process is less effective in rural areas, but in other hand, youth organizations are using different creative methods.

We also visited several historical monuments in order to better introduce Armenian culture and values. One of the places was the “Etchmiadzin” Cathedral, which is the Mother Church of the Armenian Apostolic church and the central building of the Mother see of Holy “Etchmiadzin”. Also one very nice monastery calls “Khor Virap”, which is an Armenian Apostolic church monastery located in the Ararat valley in Armenia, near the border with Turkey.

During this project youth workers and young people from rural areas exchanged life stories which made them reflect on their own reality, their own values and ideas. This was a great source of personal development and of inspiration for their personal lives. They had an opportunity to reflect on their own realities, network with potential project partners and focus on the importance of organizations.


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