YE “Less Smoking More Thinking”- Setubal, Portugal 15-23.09.2014

Association “Georgian Youth for Europe” was represented by the young members of the organization to the YE project “less Smoking More Thinking”- supported by the Portuguese National Agency of Erasmus Plus program.
Youth Exchange was follow up of the Youth Exchange “Less Drinking More thinking” organized in Bakuriani, Georgia in February 2014 about promotion less drinking campaign. IMG_0790
Both of the projects were supporting health and healthy lifestyle among the youngsters from European and non European countries.
YE “less Smoking More Thinking” was organized by the association “Cultural” from Setubal, Portugal. Project was represented by the six countries 2 Caucasian- Georgia-Armenia, 2 west European- Portugal, Spain and 2 Balkan Countries-Serbia-Croatia.
Project as it was expected at the very beginning of the YE become one of the sweetest memories of the participants because during the activities they had chance to feel and experience real Portugal with various activities, excursions, city quests and National evenings, which was also very helpful to share cultures and traditions of participant countries.

We want to say lot of thanks to the Organizers of the project and wish them big success to their amazing work!

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