Out-Door TC “Creating Experience” 17-23.07.2014

There was an international training course from 17th to 23th July in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Kakheti region, village Phona. For most of us the very well know place and this time it was meeting point for young potential leaders and trainers from Slovakia, Czech republic, Ar-menia and of course Georgia. The whole program was organized by Slovak NGO Plusko but partici-pating were groups from FYCA (The federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia), Prague by Night from Czech Republic and GYE (Georgian Youth for Europe).
Was it all about games? No, behind every game we discovered more. There is nothing wrong about playing around if you can also know how to show young people their potential and awaken de-sire to discover new things. Therefore „Plusko“ brought some methods of experiential education, shared some theory about goal, breaking barriers in group, teamwork, how to reach beyond the lim-its, to develop knowledge, skills, attitude, dramaturgy of game, creativity, logical thinking and much more.

We started every day with exercises, energetic music and a morning smile. Each day had a dif-ferent schedule but we combined theory and games the whole time. We experienced a bit of culture in one national evening with quizzes and food, and we combined fear and fun during the night games, nature while camping, sharing though evaluation, and definitely lots of new friendships. We absolutely gained experience and knowledge, which we collected in book, where small groups in-vented, presented , and played their own games on the last day of training.

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