Evaluation Seminar of LTTC “TRAINO”

From the 24th to the 30th of March 2014, AssociationPicture3 “Georgian Youth for Europe” hosted the final stage of the long term training course “Transfers of Innovation in Outdoor Education‐ TRAINO”, in Rustavi Georgia.

Evaluation Seminar “Evaluation Seminar of LTTC “TRAINO” gathered 24 participants from partner organizations located both in Programme and Partner countries: Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belgium, Armenia, Spain, Germany and Poland.  The overall aim of the project “TRAINO” was to increase the quality of youth work in Europe, especially focusing on the inclusion and participation of young people in youth work programmes.  It was achieved through the transfer and adaptation of existing innovative methodologies used for outdoor education of young people.  Now we are in the last phase – the international evaluation meeting, which sought to achieve the following oPicture4bjectives:

1.To review and evaluate piloted outdoor education methods in countries of promoters

2. To collate created media products from the piloting phase and develop dissemination strategies for wider multiplying effect

3.To elaborate ideas for future how transferred and adapted methods could be used by other promoters of the project

4. To provide space for development of new European mobility projects of young people and youth workers.








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