TC “European Taverna”

From 27th of February till 7th of March GYE was represented at international training course “ European Taverna” , project was organized by the Association “H2O” which is based at Arroquelas, Portugal and very actively working with the locals.


At this time TC took place in Rio De Major town where the local municipality organizes every year small fear called “Tasquinhas” where the all local organizations are representing their work, it’s possible to  degustate traditional Portuguese food, “JinJa” or just enjoy with the nice atmosphere and songs of local music groups and school musicians called “Tuna girls” and “Tuna Boys”.


TC “European Taverna” was financed under the Erasmus Plus program and was part of the “Tasquinhas”, represented countries from Italy, Cyprus, Israel, Malta, Ukraine, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia, Georgia. Participants were sharing their culture and traditions with the locals, preparing traditional food showing and teaching them dances and songs .


Atmosphere in the TC team and Taverna every day was getting high and high and Taverna was day by day overcrowded with the people interested to meet new countries.

Out of the morning theoretical and after noon Taverna parts participants had chance to visit several places of the region and learn local culture with study visits as well.

As always happens after the active training courses where participants live for 10 days as a family was very difficult to say good bye each other and come back to the home countries and daily routine.

Lot of thanks to the organizers and local people who showed and presented big hospitality to the all participants.


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