TC in Berlin “Future – Let’s just do it!”

March 23rd to 31st, 2015 was the perfect time for Georgian participants Tamara Tartarashvili, Fazair Musaev, Nino Shonia and Temo Gumberidze to represent GYE Georgia by taking part in a one-week training course “Future – let’s just do it” organized by International Free Speech Organization – Loesje in Berlin, Germany.


An international Youth Exchange held within the framework of Erasmus+, hosted around forty participants from nine different countries: Macedonia, Slovenia, Austria, Turkey, Georgia, Morocco, Egypt, Palestine and Ukraine.


Training was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the cultures and/or politics of participant countries, to talk about current challenges and discuss the possible solutions for existing problems. It provided the interactive sessions about new possibilities for active youth such as new business ideas or NGO establishment and workshops on generating posters using skills of positive criticism and creative writing. On different days, participants had a pleasure to arrange cultural evenings and represent their own countries and cultures. It was a big privilege to taste some of the traditional food and beverages as well as to observe the national costumes of different countries.


Apart from the scheduled timetable, everybody could enjoy free hours in the evening to get to know with each other better, make friends and explore some of the city, not mentioning the one full-day city tour when all could enjoy the different preferred sightseeing in smaller groups.

Georgian team had unforgettable time – sharing their culture while learning of others, making friends and broadening international bonds as well as enjoying travelling and the beautiful Capital.

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