Short Term EVS “Change Your Footprint” from Slovakia and “Step Forward for Unity” France – August 2015

Association Georgian Youth for Europe hosted one of the nice and pleasant groups from Slovakia (10 volunteers) and from France (5 volunteers), for one, August month 2015,  from the very beginning of the service it was easy to feel this big enthusiasm and spirit which streamed from the participants.

group photo
Adaptation phase went very quickly with the support of the Georgian mentors and volunteers which and it wasn’t surprise that the group formed as a big EVS family.

Day by day project spirit was getting hotter and bringing it to the daily activities with indoor and outdoor actions was giving big happiness and pleasure  to the both local Georgian and organizer sides.

Project was divided into 2 parts Rustavi activities and Pona Eco vilalge where the volunteers were helping GYE for organizing camp site, some agricultural work, making compost and fire places, it was one of the visual steps for developing ECO village.

Lot of thanks to our ex EVS volunteer Petra Vrablicova for nice article which will bring much closer to you short term EVS experience from volunteers side :))
Via Georgia!

One month is enough to change your view on life. Actually, even a few days, a few people and never ending meetings are enough. In the frame of connections between people there is a certain kind of freedom, which is set free only when not everything can be under control…

We are hit by a different wave right at our arrival to Tbilisi. Since we all have traveled from different corners of Slovakia for 20 hours, the temperature which was about 20 degrees higher than what we are used to slapped us right in the face. Still, we were in a greater shock when a young Georgian, who was waiting for us at the airport, greeted us with a huge smile on his face – in Slovak. He couldn’t practice his Slovak skills with the French volunteers, who were already waiting for us in Rustavi.

The stay in Georgia started for us Slovaks in a family spirit. However, we didn’t know that already the way from the airport to Rustavi will show us the sincere nature of this country. It can easily happen here that the wide road with no markings suddenly becomes a four-lane and speed is not as important as music, which always has to be on. For the first few moments we are quite afraid, but then we can’t stop laughing.

Our joy becomes even greater when a few days after our arrival we see an old Skoda Lada in front of the GYE office, which was a few years ago more popular in Slovakia than some of the music bands… And after visiting a local household we realize that our two countries, Georgia and Slovakia, ale more similar than we thought.

The best experiences come unexpectedly and so the very first evening I experienced how it is when you twist your knee while dancing passionately and you think it’s all over. I had no clue that our French friends, who are also a part of the short term EVS project, would surprise me with a hand-made bamboo crutch. That kicked off the unexpected Georgian adventure with a new family, but also getting to know local medical facilities and their states.

The friendliness of local is so contagious that a doctor is not needed after all. It is enough when an old man at the bazaar who values women gives you some sunflower seeds, or the laughter of kids, with whom you play at the main square after sunset and you simply can’t stop. Painting an eagle on a boy’s arm or making a puppet with a small girl is more important at that moment. And that is the only thought you are sharing with the world.

The crazy spirit is apparently not willing to leave us alone and so one evening we become a voluntary rescue unit at a broken shower. After two hours of taking the spraying water out with buckets we all feel cleaner than during our entire stay before and we can finally go to sleep. A similar swimming pool is waiting for us on the next day as well, this time in the Scout House, where we could cool ourselves down after some work well done.

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