Check Out Sofia Khimshiashvili’s EVS story from Poland

Sofia Khimshiashvili is long term EVS volunteer at Gmina Dabrowa in Poland, her EVS is ending soon, so she is sharing with us her EVS experience:

“Well, it’s always hard to talk about subject, which is so important for you, now I’m sitting and looking for correct  words to describe my EVS.
It’s already seven months I’m volunteer in Poland, in small village called Gmina Dabrowa and working in local municipality as a assistant of projects coordinator, basically I am in office, but I’ve decided to have more contact with local people, that’s why I have some workshops in schools, in kindergarten and with children, who are needed special education.  This seven months tough me many things, I explored new culture, made a friendship with great people, started traveling. EVS  showed me , how can I have a great communication with people without any language, how they can treat me as a family member, when they have no ideas about you. I learned what I need from my life, how can I be totally independent and decide by my own what is better for me. My professional side is getting better because of working with professionals, now I know how to be mentor or coordinator, how to write projects, also team working, evaluating own projects and events, debating, digital skills (canva, wordpress, prezi) how to organize sport and cultural events for local people, how to work with disabled children, I know about methods of non formal education and how to use for specific target groups, My EVS is long life learning, my personality is still developing and my view of point has absolutely changed.

If I continue talking about my EVS I will never finish, just want to say  that it is great opportunity to discover new culture, meet new people and make your life amazing.”16463178_1236452833106501_7175923172589249625_o

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