“Baikal Cleanup 2017″

The project “Baikal cleanup 2017” took place in Russian Republic of Buryatia, August 2017. Young people from Georgia, Poland, Germany and Russia were living for 9 days in the camp on Baikal shore. The main aim of the project was to bring together young people from different countries to get to know each other, to re-connect with nature, exchange with the knowledge and observations from their own countries, gain practical experience in dealing with waste and formulate their own opinion and ideas for environment activism. All together they discussed waste problems in their countries , shared different solutions and the ways of up – cycling. During these days they collected a lot of trash near the shore and sorted it in 4 different bags: glass, metal, plastic and other. On the raid they informed tourists about waste problems and asked them to sort and not to leave garbage on the shore. Sorted garbage was taken to the city for recycling. While living in the camp they got to know each other and differences between their culture, they had cultural evenings where they sang some songs and tasted national food. At the end of the project they arrived in Ulan-ude and at the “Youth art  theatre” they presented their results to locals.

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