“GO Outdoors, STAY Outdoors”

Our aim with this project was to transfer knowledge to the 25 participants from Estonia, Latvia, Georgia and Macedonia about experiential learning methodology, methods and instruments of outdoor education, how to work with this experience in order to reach educational results, and how to work with outdoor education in order to reach higher environmental awareness. In the frame of the this project we had two youth exchanges on the subject of outdoor education what took place in two countries – Saarjärve, Estonia (July) and Utcera, Racha mountains in Georgia (August).

First activity in Estonia mainly happened on theoretical advanced sight and provided participants with learning environment of outdoor education’s main principles, building confidence of their leadership and team building, exploring the educational aspects of backpacking trips, camping, outdoor cooking and orienteering.

Another action in Georgia was focusing on working with experimental learning methodology, close interacting with nature and practical skill obtaining. Participants were divided in groups and each group planed 1 day expedition what other group after that was implement. They developed and improved their technical, navigational skills and applied appropriate practices to ensure safe participation.


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