Youth Exchange “Real Freedom Lies Outdoors”

“Real Freedom Lies outdoors” Youth Exchange in Georgia from 10th – 17th September 2017 took a place in Pona campsite with  Belgium and Georgian scouts, totally 25 participants in age 18 – 25 years. The main objectives of this Youth Exchange was finding similarities and differences in Scouting between European and Non-European countries (Culture, Traditions, lifestyle, etc.); Raise the participants awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries; Improve the level of key competences; Skills and own development; To discover the main principles of scout -outdoor education and working methods in Post-Soviet Union countries and EU. Promote healthy lifestyle and sport activities, experience camping and living outdoors and raise awareness of scout-youth mobility and active participation.

Involved partners: Association “Georgian Youth for Europe” (Hosting Organization) and  NGO “Scouts Juventa Zonhoven” – (Applicant organization) from Belgium.

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