Youth Exchange “SSS – Sport, Society and Self- learning”

Bilateral Youth Exchange project in Georgia From  20th till 29th of July 2017 “SSS – Sport, Society and Self- learning ” took a place at Pona campsite Lagodekhi Region, Georgia. The project consisted of practical as well as theoretical blocks, so that participants can understand the basic principles of working with experience (Experimental learning). Totally 24 participants in age 15 – 17 years. Main Objectives of this Youth Exchange was: to explain the main principles of outdoor education and using experience as learning tool with the main focus on outdoor activities; Give theoretical knowledge and practical skills about using experiential education for learning purposes and how to bring the experience to a higher level by transferring it into learning; Reach a deeper understanding about the meaning and usage of outdoor education – techniques, methods, activities; Teach how to plan outdoor activities in order that they reach specific goals; To promote healthy behaviors, in particular through promotion of Sport and Outdoor Activities , as a mean to reach a healthy lifestyle.

Involved partners: Association “Georgian Youth for Europe” ( Hosting Organization ) and  NGO “Stitching In combination” – ( Applicant organization ) from Netherland.20374794_1453054544772428_3753815336143102918_n 20431225_1453056711438878_2976463515167529138_n 23548282_2447886338683731_1718714696_n23549436_2447886368683728_1554057824_n 23548223_2447886412017057_575533484_n23549643_2447886318683733_659109586_n logo-erasmus-plus



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