Halloween in GYE 2017

Witches, vampires, ghosts, black cats, evil dolls, seer, came together in a dark room full of pumpkins and garlands. The evening began at 7 pm with a few steps of dancing: a few minutes later, the atmosphere was perfect for a good evening. GYE active member Tsotne Gelovani with his friend sang and played guitar, all the public accompanied him. To learn more about Halloween, we had a quiz! Yes, Halloween is of Irish origin and before the pumpkins, the Irish used turnips as a Halloween symbol. Of course the pumpkin is more impressive.

It was a chance to get sweets! And as they say, the children “trick or treat.” We started with the Halloween Repertory: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, “Zombie” by Cranberries… and it’s time to play cup challenge. Players of each team had several challenges: to make push-ups, to sing acapella, to quote the most city of America in a given time.  At the end the jury rewarded the best costumes of girl and boy, Giorgi Chapichadze  and Veriko Mrelashvili were the winners. The best Makeup artist was our beautiful girl Ana Mchedlidze.

GYE Team is very grateful to the members of organization for the support and for the preparation process. They have made all Halloween decoration, make up and this events happened.

IMG_3825 IMG_3745 IMG_3764 IMG_3812 IMG_3820 IMG_1068 IMG_3760 IMG_3827 IMG_3766

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