EVS Volunteer in Vilnius

Gvantsa Dzneladze is an active member of GYE and recently she does EVS in Vilnius, Lithuania for 12 month. Her hosting organization is Pal. J. Matulaičio socialinis centras and her work is connected with social care and people with disabilities. She wants to share her EVS story with you.

I am Gvantsa Dzneladze from Georgia. My profession is Administration of Education. At the beginning I did not care where I would go and make EVS, but working with disabled people was the most important thing for me and I found the right project in Lithuania.23467473_1701374266560882_64048993908747346_o 21761675_1647720771926232_6879358613306597917_nI have been here since September and at this moment I have gained lots of experience. Before the flight I was scared being alone in foreign country. Fortunately I overcame this challenge and now I am sure that this is an amazing thing in my life.  Sometimes I want to stop time, because here I discovered my personal skills, new friends, new culture, and new traditions. At the first time I had difficulties like language barrier, climate (Vilnius is so rainy and cold city, but if the sun rises and shines at you it’s a real heaven), but these challenges are easy to deal with when you are with Lithuanian people – they can make you happy, give you smile.

I am glad for my job; despite of rain I am always running to my working place where colleagues can make me happy. They are  always ready to help me, never leave me alone, give me  a lot of  support and I start  becoming open-mind, self-confidante and step by step I am changing and finding hidden skills inside me. We all try to do everything for disabled people. We help them to cope with everyday life and achieve their goals. It’s a   miracle when I see that I can change their life a bit better.I am grateful for Lithuania and certainly my sending organization GYE that they give me a unique chance to improve myself and open new page in my life.


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