Training Course – “Integration should be the cocktail of the world

International Training course “Integration should be the cocktail of the world” took a place from 22-29 October 2017 in  Berlin, Germany. With this project organizers aimed to deliver to the youth workers working with young people, especially youngsters with fewer opportunities, as well as migrants and refugees, a top a quality training course on diverse tools and methods for personal development and active participation in the inclusion processes of the vulnerable groups, especially migrants and refugees, but also LGBTI youth. The project offered the youth workers 2 stages of work with their youth; Self-evaluation – how we understand certain topics, what is our position, why we think and act in certain ways (psychological, reflective, theoretical point); Tools and methods for engagement towards inclusion and activism online and offline, in the work with young people (practical point).

GYE was represented in this TC by Ketevan Karbaia and Salome Margvelashvil

Project was hosted by organization LOESJE E.V..


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