what does it mean to be a gye member?

GYE Members are the foundation of GYE.  We couldn’t exist without you!  GYE exists to help Georgian become healthier, happier, more experienced and more active citizens, so you are our mission.  GYE members not only participate in a wide variety of activities, they also volunteer and attend training courses in Georgia and in Europe.  Furthermore, GYE members also act as mentors to EVS volunteers.

what are the benefits of being a gye member?

  • Language Improvement-improve your English ability, learn a new language from the European volunteers, and strengthen your understanding of Georgian by sharing it with others!
  • Travel around the world-as a member, you will receive updates about youth exchanges in foreign countries and will be first in line to apply for those opportunities.
  • Professional experience-by organizing local events and attending workshops that the European EVS volunteers host, you will learn to take initiative and will gain valuable skills; if chosen for an EVS experience you will also be able to add a year of volunteering to your resume!
  • Cultural perspective-learning about other people’s perspectives and cultures will help you better communicate yours
  • Friends around the world
  • Certificates!- when you sign up for a course and you come and participate actively at all sessions you will receive a certificate!

how can i be an active member?

Active GYE members participate in as many local activities possible.  They also create projects themselves!

how to be a member?

You will need to come to the GYE office and have a staff member register, which means that you will full fill membership form and  you can pay the fee 10 Lari per month but the payment is with the following structure- divided into two parts 1st is from October to March and second part is from April to September with counting the months left.

What is a mentor?

Active members will be chosen to function as mentors.  Mentors are function like GYE staff and are given more responsibility than other volunteers.  Their main responsibilities are to:

  • Introduce European volunteers to Georgia and Rustavi!
  • Help European volunteers learn to be comfortable and love Georgia

After being selected as a mentor, volunteers will go through a short training course and will be expected to support GYE’s European Volunteers for the entire year.  They must commit for an entire year. 


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    • Hello,

      We are open between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday; however, GYE employess travel quite a bit. It is always best to email them directly and schedule an appointment. On October 13, 2014 we will begin a new series of after school activities. It would be great for you to come before then to register and participate!

      Contact Vaxo ( to schedule an appointment with him to become a member.

      See you soon!

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