Association Georgian Youth for Europe (GYE) exists to provide enrichment activities for Georgians and European youth.  Although all of GYE’s activities focus on youth development, adults are welcomed to participate in local activities.

Thematically, GYE has four types of activities, which means that even though a project may be designed and implemented through Youth Exchange or EVS, all GYE projects must fit into one of four categories.

The four categories are as follows:

  • Life Skills & Health
  • Language & Technology
  • Vocational Training & Social Enterprise
  • Environment & Survival

Currently, GYE implements local projects through YiA, SALTO, and as a result of collaboration with other organizations.  EVS volunteers at GYE are divided further into two groups.  Short term volunteers work for 2 weeks to 2 months in Georgia, whereas long term volunteers remain in Georgia  for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12.  During their time here, EVS volunteers are not only introduced to Georgian language and culture, they also gain valuable perspective about how to live and work abroad.  GYE gives EVS volunteers considerable freedom to create and implement projects here in Georgia, provided that they fall into one or more of the four thematic groups, are approved by staff, and are thoroughly managed.  Most EVS volunteers are given the opportunity to contribute to existing programs as well as create new ones.  We encourage volunteers to be creative, determined, and hard working and we hope that after volunteering here your resolve will be strengthened and your ability to take initiative will be increased.

While the purpose of Youth Exchanges is more about personal growth, we believe that personal growth also comes from helping the community, so Youth Exchanges also contribute to at least one local project during their time in Georgia.

In the coming year, GYE will being to implement projects in a third way. In addition to the EVS and Youth Exchange implementation of projects, GYE hopes to encourage members to design and implement projects in their neighborhoods.  Active members are the first to be considered for EVS and Youth Exchanges abroad.

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