Local Initiatives

Although the vast majority of our activities are implemented in the Kremo Kartli region, they have typically been implemented by the EVS volunteers that we host.  This year GYE is working very hard to encourage Georgian youth to create local projects.  We hope to engage our membership base more to learn how we can work together with our long term Peace Corps and EVS volunteers to provide them with the tools they need to grow.



Country: Georgia (Rustavi)
Duration: October 1, 2013-October 2, 2014

Mentors are really important for the long term EVS volunteers at GYE.  Not only are they responsible for helping EVS volunteers learn about life in Georgia, they offer volunteers support during difficult times, when volunteers may be very homesick.  The number of mentors varies depending on the number of GYE EVS volunteers, this year there will be 7 volunteers and each will have a mentor.

This mentorship opportunity offers 7 young Georgians the opportunity to be trained in mentorship and leadership and to implement what they’ve learned for an entire year.  They typically find that their spoken English really improves after a year.  Mentors receive a certificate for their completion of the program.



Country: Georgia (Rustavi)

The Youth in Action Supervisor will train a group of 10 Georgians to write projects and proposals.  They will also receive report from our Peace Corps Volunteer about how to conduct market research and needs assessments.  After this course, the group of 10 will have the opportunity to apply their learning to project design, writing, and implementation for a year.  Members of the Project Writing Team will receive a certificate when they have successfully completed the program.  After certificates are issued, the top 5 project writers will be asked back to help train new members of the team.


Club organization and promotion

Country: Georgia (supported by EVS Volunteers)
Duration: Nov. 1, 2013- June 2014
Participants: 60 Georgian Youth

GYE is home to very creative EVS volunteers who often engage the local community in a variety of ways.  This year we want to reach out to local teenagers and young adults to help design, implement, and promote the clubs and activities that EVS volunteers facilitate.  Although it is not clear how many clubs there will be, the GYE team would like to have one GYE member on the planning committee of each club.  That means there’s space for at least 7 active GYE members!

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