TC Risk’n’Roll


Duration: 07 – 12 of October, 2013
Participants: 30 participants from Eastern Europe and Caucasus and Youth in Action Programme countries.
During 7-12 of October, 2013 GYE representative Archili  Pholadashvili participated in a TC organised by Polish National Agency  of the Youth In Action programme with co organizing of UK national agency and SALTO EECA.

Aim of the training course:
– to increase the quality of international projects in the Youth in Action Programme through development of participants’ competence in protecting young people in projects realised in cooperation with organizations from EECA region.

After the training course participants:

– are able to do a risk assessment for Youth in Action projects (before and during implementation);
– are able to identify potential threats and dangers during international projects;
– improved their ability to manage the identified risk;
– know how to involve young people/participants in the process of identification and reduction of risk in projects;
– are able to implement various tools and methods that can facilitate risk management;
– have greater knowledge of good practice in risk management and differences in national realities in Europe.


Country: Predeal, Romania
Duration: 19 – 24 of March, 2013
Participants: 30 participants (20 from Program Countries and 10 from Neighboring countries from the Eastern Partnership Window: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

Durring 19 – 24 of March, 2013 GYE representative Archili  Pholadashvili participated in a Partnership Building Activity with training elements, aiming at creating viable partnerships for European Voluntary Service projects (also under the Eastern Partnership Window opportunity).

Aims of the event:
• create a space for participants to develop partnerships and afterwards be able to submit good quality applications and effectively implement European Voluntary Service and EVS Eastern Partnership Window projects
• to provide the participants the necessary information for understanding the key elements related to European Voluntary Service and EVS Eastern Partnership Window projects
• to provide a space for sharing knowledge and experiences between organizations and representatives involved in youth work developing voluntary activities.

PBA was very successful for the organisation with useful contacts and new ideas of developing projects.


TC “Mentorship and EVS”

TC "Mentorship and EVS"

TC “Mentorship and EVS”

Name:Mentorship and EVS
Country: Crimea, South of Ukraine
Duration: 15 – 21 October, 2012
Participants: 24 voluntary and professional youth workers (11 from Programme Countries and 7 from Eastern Europe and Caucasus)

Durring 15 – 21 of October, 2012 GYE representative Archili  Pholadashvili participated in Training Course “Mentorship and EVS” for youth workers and organisations interested in European Voluntary Service (EVS) projects within Youth in Action programme.

Main Objectives:

  • To gain knowledge and understanding on what is EVS mentoring in sense of the Youth in Action Programme Guide:

The mentor is responsible for providing personal and learning/Youthpass process support to the volunteer(s) and for helping them to integrate into the local community. The mentor has also an important role in discussing the learning achievements with the volunteer in view of the Youthpass certificate. The volunteer(s) can turn to the mentor in case of problems.

  • To develop mentor’s competences needed to provide learning support to EVS volunteers;
  • To deepen understating of the key competences and Youthpass process;
  • To identify potentials and dangers in EVS mentoring process;
  • To share possible tools and methods for EVS mentoring;
  • To establish contacts between EVS mentors, so they can support each other in the future if needed;

To inspire participants to share the acquirements from the training with other mentors back in their home countries, in particular to develop action plans for multiplying the EVS mentorship concept during a month after the training;

After the TC Archili Brought lot of materials and useful skills for the organisation which he shared bye the small TC financed of SALTO EECA with the 27 participants of the 12 NGO organisations of Georgia involved at EVS and YIA programme.


From 29 September till 3 October GYE representative Liene Bekere participated in SOHO International training for those who are directly involved in the support system around the volunteer (mentors and task-related support persons) on the hosting, sending and coordinating side in the European Voluntary Service (EVS) – Action 2.

The overall aim of the SOHO TC is: To increase the quality of EVS activities through development of competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) of key actors involved in the support system around EVS volunteer. The specific objectives of the course are:

  • To get a better understanding of the concept of EVS as “learning service” and related quality aspects in EVS.
  • To improve the ability for co-operation and working in international partnership
  • To reflect on the roles, responsibilities and challenges within the EVS volunteer support system.
  • To raise awareness of the learning dimension in EVS and provide tools for learning support.
  • To support the recognition of non formal learning in EVS through the implementation of the Youthpass.

Liene brought home lot of new knowledge, ideas how to develop EVS field in GYE, also made more wider networking and create good future cooperation perspectives between many HO and SO around all Europe. And of course find the time to enjoy tender and sunny days in Santander which was project’s venue place.


Country: Moldova
Duration: 1 – 7 June, 2009
Participants: 24 voluntary and professional youth workers (11 from Programme Countries and 13 from Eastern Europe and Caucasus)

Durring 1 – 7 June, 2009 GYE representative Aleks Metreveli participated in Training Course “EastWestEVS” for youth workers and organisations interested in European Voluntary Service (EVS) projects within Youth in Action programme. Main aim of training was to develope competences of EVS projects coordinators and mentors in cooperation between Programme Countries and EECA region with special focus on cultural diversity and intercultural learning in EVS.



Name: LAB 3 active
Country: Turkey
Duration: 7- 13 April, 2008
Participants: 24 youth workers (13 from Programme countries and 11 from EECA region)

From 7 till 13 April, 2008 GYE representative Aleks Metreveli participated in training for experienced youth workers, that aims at exploring non-formal education methods for increasing the youth participation within Youth in Action Programme in cooperation with EECA neighbouring partner countries.



Name: Contact Making Seminar “Lets Meet our Neighbors and the World”
Country: France
Duration: 30 May – 3 June, 2007
Participants: 127 youth workers from Programme Countries as well as from Neighbouring Partner Countries

From 30 May till 3 June GYE representative Aleks Metreveli participated in Contact Making Seminar supported by the European Commission’s General Directorate for Education and Culture and co-organized by the French National Agency and the three regional SALTO Resource Centres. The main aim of this event was to introduce/explore the Cooperation with Neighbouring Countries of the European Union and other Partner Countries of the World within the new “Youth in Action Programme”.

For more details about this seminar click here!


EVS training for EECA

Name: EVS training for EECA
Country: Poronin, Poland
Duration: 9-13 August, 2006
Participants: youth workers from EECA

From 9 till 13 August GYE representative Davit Metreveli participated in EVS training for EECA. This was the first SALTO EECA organised Training of EVS Trainers from Eastern Europe and Caucasus. The main goal was to establish the partnerships between organisations, future EVS projects’ partners and to deepen their basic understanding of the European Voluntary Service. Training course allowed participants to understand the most essential elements of EVS, like the volunteer self-development and learning, support for the hosting organisation, impact on the local communities both in the hosting country and back in homeland as well as need for constant training.


Yth 2

Name: Contact Making Seminar “Yth 2″
Country: Poronin, Poland
Duration: 1-5 April, 2006
Participants: 17 youth workers; 8 from Programme countries (Portugal, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Poland, France and Belgium) and 9 from Partner countries (Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine).

GYE representative Davit Metreveli attended a Contact Making Seminar for potential partners of projects within  (EVS) in the framework of International Cooperation between YOUTH programme countries and Eastern Europe and Caucasus Countries.
The CMS Yth 2 was aimed to enhance the cooperation between organisations from EECA and Programme Countries and in addition wants to stimulate the creation of new project ideas within Action 2.

The main objectives were:

  • To bring together people working with young people in order to create new project ideas within the European Voluntary Service,
  • To get to know organisations from different parts of Europe,
  • To build new partnerships between Programme Countries and partners from Eastern Europe and Caucasus,
  • To create atmosphere of common understanding between people representing different cultures, working styles, etc.,
  • To provide knowledge about possibilities of co-operation with Eastern Europe within the European Voluntary Service,
  • To promote Eastern Europe and Caucasus region among partners from Programme countries.


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3 Comments on “Salto-Youth
  1. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am writing to express my interest in applying for the EVS program and ask you a few questions. I am English Language teacher and want to become a volunteer in the field of education and culture. As i do not know how to apply, i will be very grateful if you consult me and give detailed information. I wonder which documents are needed and whom i contact with.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Tamar Chapidze

    • Dear Tamar:

      Thanks for your interest! There are a number of people at GYE with whom you can speak. I would recommend contacting Salome Gvelesiani. She completed a year-long project in Latvia as a EVS volunteer and now is GYE’s EVS Coordinator or Do you live close enough to Rustavi to come and speak with Salome or one of the other staff members?

      I hope to see you soon.


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