2007 Projects

Roverbridge-new wave to equal opportunities

Country: Czech Republic
Duration: 21-25 March, 2007

Roverbridge is a contact making seminar which has already took place twice. Now a new young enthusiastic staff-team is full in the preparations for the third volume. It is going to start at Wednesday 21st of March till Sunday 25th of March 2007 and it will take place in Kateřinice, near Vsetín, in the Beskydy mountains(east of the Czech Republic). Taking part as participants at this Roverbridge is the opportunity and garuntee for you to: have some unique opportunity to develope your project(s),to make new interesting contacts, to find new friends and gain unforgettable experiences with your new friends, You will learn new things about  international scout cooperation and information about the possibilities to go abroad as individual or as group. More interesting information about both last volums of Roverbridge, about the Czech Republic, the venue, the region, the map of the region and about the staff are available at our webpage: www.skaut.cz/roverbridge.


love beyond stereotypes

Country: Georgia
Duration: 7-16 September, 2007
Participants: Georgia, Belgium, Ukraine, Poland

24 participants were discussing love, marriage, family traditions in their countries, stereotypes and problems between couples.  They came together to share their experience and to introduce with their culture.


on the crossroads of cultures and religions

Project name: “On the crossroads of culture and religions”
Activity: Action 3.1 Youth Exchange
Place: Ukraine
Time: 29 September – 7 October, 2007
Project financed: Polish National Agency
Participants: Poland, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia

The project was aimed to give young people from Poland, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia the opportunity to become acquainted with each other languages, cultures and religions. The project activities promoted European values, such as equal opportunities, human rights and democracy, respect for other cultures and religions.


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