2008 Projects

anNus Gelidus

Name: AnNus Gelidus
Country: Czech Republic
Duration: 2008
Participants: Czech Republic, Georgia, Macedonia, Poland and France

Georgian Youth for Europe send a group of nine people in Czech Republic in the project “AnNus GELIDUS”. The participants were form Czech Republic, Georgia, Macedonia, Poland and France. The theme was First aid. The project was full of entertaining outdoor and indoor activities. We studied how to help injured people until ambulance comes. There were brand new technologies and equipment for us, we were practising in saving peoples life and it was really interesting and useful for our lives.


love beyond borders

Name: Love Beyond Borders
Country: Georgia (Tskhneti)
Duration: 2008
Participants: Georgia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine(Project Financed by the Lithuanian National Agency)

Youth exchange project “Love Beyond Borders” was unforgettable for youngsters from Lithuania, Georgia, Poland and Ukraine. These young people came together in Georgia, Tskneti district in March of 2008 to share their culture and traditions regarding the topic – LOVE.


melting poet

Name: Melting Poet
Duration: 2008
Participants: France, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Georgia, Albania and Palestine

“MELTING POET” brought together 35 young people from 7 countries (France, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Georgia, Albania and Palestine). The final objective of this project was an international music creation and a public presentation of this creation. The group has been supported by 4 professional musicians. In this project, music was

used as a common language to encourage tolerance and mutual understanding between young people from different geographical and social horizons. The project was taking place in Poet Celard castle which is a wonderful place to develop this kind of approach. MELTING POET was a big success on different levels:

  • meeting and exchange between young people and adults,
  • discover of new cultures,
  • common life,
  • tolerance and mutual understanding,
  • artistic creation (high quality of production),
  • self development,
  • networking with new partners….


one for all, all for one

Name: “One for All, All for One!”
Country:  Rõuge, Estonia
Duration: 12-19 April, 2008
Participants: Estonia – Rõuge Youth Club, Georgia – Georgian Youth for Europe, Belarus, Italy

Rõuge Youth Club in Estonia invites you to join with our project „ One for All, All for One“.  The aim of this project is to learn teamwork, tolerance, differences in cultures and activities included: workshops, filmmaking, adventure trails, treasure hunting, orienteering, visits and meetings, culture evenings.


brotherhood in the nature

Project name: “Brotherhood in the Nature”
Activity: Action 3.1 Youth Exchange
Place: Bilecik, Turkey
Time: 8-15 January, 2008
Project financed by: Turkish National Agency
Participants: Turkey, Georgia – Georgian Youth for Europe, Spain, Azerbaijan

Project organizers strongly believed that sport would help to find the shared platform as it is universally valued by every culture. The aim of our project was to provide an environment where young people from different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds can experience different cultures and work together.

Youth Exchange included non-formal education methods as games, simulations and workshops, some primary and high schools visit, presentations and discussion groups as well as outdoor activities, cultural nights and other interesting activities.

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