2009 Projects

green alternative for caucus

Country:  Varcixe, Georgia
Duration: 5-13 October, 2009
Participants: Latvia, Poland, Armenia and Georgia

25 young people form Latvia, Poland, Armenia and Georgia came together to discuss problems about environment; to share and exchange experience in creative activism; to learn movie editing, computer graphic, photo making technologies or to develop their skills in these fields; to install in youth an appreciation of nature and sense of responsibility for protecting it; with creative initiatives to invite youth and society to think and act for environment protection in local, national and even international level.

The main aim of „Green Alternative For Caucasus” is to promote international dialogue, motivate environmental protection among  youth using photography, computer graphic and one minute movies making technologies.

With this project organizers seeks to address these problems by engaging youth from Europe and Caucasus in community-based conservation activities using creative initiatives and to teach them about environment issues, to identify the most pressing environmental problems in their home communities and in Georgia and find out solutions.




Name: Sportship
Country:  Georgia
Duration: 6th – 15th of November 2009
Participants: Georgia, Estonia, Israel and Cyprus

“Sportship” was youth exchange project between Georgia, Estonia, Israel and Cyprus.

Project took place in Georgia 6th – 15th of November 2009. During the project sport was seen on three different levels: individual, community and international.

Sport upholds the values of tolerance, sharing, self-respect, respect for others and fair play; it goes far beyond social, political, cultural, racial or religious differences that are often at the core of world conflicts. Sport promotes understanding and mutual respect. It is a source of personal balance and social stability.

http://noorteklubi.ee/sportship/ this was our web  site

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2I55ZAhFTQ  this our photoes from one outdoor workshop in bakuriani

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