2010 Projects

cross the border

Name: Cross the Border
Country: Latvia
Duration: 2010
Participants: Latvia, Armenia, Romania, and Georgia

Youth exchange “Cross the Border” aimed to unite experience, knowledge and activate issues of discrimination and lack of tolerance in traditional communities. Youth Exchange with 25 young people from Latvia, Armenia, Romania, and Georgia discovered human rights, shared their experience according to subject and developed empathy by putting themselves in somebody’s else shoes through creating visual stories of 4 individual misunderstandings by other people.


entre terre et mer

Name: Entre terre et mer
Country: Quimper, france
Duration: 2-17 August, 2010
Participants: France – Association GWENNILI, Germany – Association Bemflingen, Georgia – Georgian Speleologists Union and “Georgian Youth For Europe”

In summer of 2010 a group of Georgian youngsters participated in youth exchange projects in France to support and defense trout in France rivers. Two week long project as organized by Union of Speleology. Each day of the project differed from the others and each minute was well organized.


home-made ecology

Name: Home-Made Ecology
Country: Poland
Duration: 2010
Participants: Georgia-GYE, Poland, Ukraine, Portugal

Home made ecology” was youth exchange project where main idea was to make popular ecological life and to show youngest how useful is it. During the project participants had possibility to make a lot of ecological staffs, for example decoration for house, frames with paper, girls were making earrings, necklaces, bracelets ect. They had competition “best designer group” in ecological clothes, so they made fashion show as well :)

international peer education training-ipet

Name: international Peer Education Training-IPET
Country: Macedonia (Ohrid)
Duration: 21-30 May, 2010
Participants: Georgia-GYE, Macedonia

This training course “International Peer Education Training” included youth workers/leaders age 18-25 coming from different European and non –European countries.

During 8 days of training they learnt about peer education methods; facts about sexual and reproductive health issues including HIV/AIDS. Also they had the opportunity to prepare and share with the group their own project idea about peer education in this field. They explored all vulnerable issues that are closely connected to us all.


youth Exchange “We want to know about IT…”

Name: Youth Exchange “We want to know about IT…”
Country: Latvia
Duration: 2010
Participants: Georgia-GYE, Latvia

“We want to know about IT…” was instructional youth project about reproductive health and healthy lifestyle. Georgia’s and Latvia’s difference of traditions, mentality and culture made this project more interesting for exchange participants. 16 participants, who are in such age, when they should be more informed about reproductive health, contraception, sexual relationships, healthy lifestyle, had discussions, workshops about these themes. They shared experiences about actualities and problems between their countries with the aim to find solutions and new ideas, to change prejudices and previous attitude.  Project blog: http://wewantknow.blogspot.com/

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