2011 Projects

Diversity is more

Country:  Guimaraes, Portugal
Duration: 20-25 February, 2011

The training course was organised by the Portuguese National Agency of the Youth in Action Programme.

The TC created opportunities to reflect and to build different perspectives on the migration processes, towards a better understanding and tolerance among the different stakeholders. It will be an opportunity to feel empowered and inspired to develop a new strategy.


Be here to dare

Name: Be Here to Dare
Country:  The Netherlands
Duration: July 2011

“Georgian Youth For Europe” youth workers Liene Bekere and Teona Galogre just came back from Rijswijk, The Netherlands where they from 13. July spent 10 wonderful days together with Don Bosco Youthnet Nederland.

The practical experience (Job Shadowing) project “Be Here to Dare” has originated out of the co-operation and dialogue between Don Bosco Youthnet Nederland and  Georgian Youth For Europe. This project was designed to explore the possibilities of Group EVS, new EVS opportunities, Exchanges and a learning experience in youth work in a multi-cultural, ethnic, religious, economic situation in Den Haag and Amsterdam. This project had also one of the greatest opportunities in getting to know and get trained in working with multi-cultural and especially with teenagers who face everyday discrimination and difficulties of socio-economic problems with focus on Group/ short term EVS.


Culture expression-Let’s find SOMETHING in common

Name: Culture Expression-Let’s Find Something In Common
Country:  Georgia
Duration: 25 July- 3 August 2011
Participants: Georgia, Poland, Luxembourg, Latvia, Croatia and Ukraine

By this Action 3.1 Youth Exchange project organizing we want to help youth understand cultural diversity at both the national and international levels, develop inter-cultural learning skills and participate in the project of the cultural heritage of their own and other societies and the world around them. Children and youth should be informed of cultural differences in their own societies and given opportunities to learn about different cultures as well as tolerance and mutual respect for cultural and religious diversity.


Me Effective in Action

Name: Me Effective in Action
Country:  Poland
Duration: 23-29 of April 2011
Participants: Poland, Spain, Ukraine  and Georgia

The project itself was implemented in little town Opole, in Poland. The aim of the topic was to became aware of situation about women leadership in different countries, to brake some stereotypes and to handle some problems about this topic. Lets listen to the participants themselves:



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