2013 Projects

youth exchange business ideas

Name: Business Ideas
Madrid, Spain
Partner Organisations:  “Civilnet” and “Gaine & Sustain”
Project description:
Youth Exchange “Business Ideas” is an innovative youth project aiming at raising awareness of social enterprise (Hereafter SE) in order to combat poverty and unemployment, to encourage participation of young people from 6 different countries to take an active role in promoting the concept of SE and to support creative entrepreneurship in Europe.

“Business Ideas”  created a space for young people to meet, share, and learn more about social entrepreneurship as a new and creative way to combat unemployment and support others with fewer opportunities. During the project participants discussed youth initiatives, creativity in enterprise, active citizenship and gave participants space to create business ideas and strategies with social goals for combating youth unemployment and for fostering social peace in Europe.


Ye Less drinking more thinking


Name: Less Drinking More Thinking
Place: Bakuriani,Georgia
Time:19-26th of October
Partner countries:Netherlands, Georgia, Portugal, Poland, Armenia and Moldova
Project description:By nationwide realities in promoter countries and the statistics what everyone can find in internet – irresponsible alcohol (binge drinking) use by young people is extremely popular and in the same time dangerous – both to themselves and society at large. Youth alcohol use often results with traffic fatalities, violence, unsafe sex, suicide, educational failure, and other problem behaviors that diminish the prospects of future success, as well as health risks.The main goal of this transcultural youth exchange «Less drinking, More thinking» was to educate youth about responsible drinking, diminish risky  behaviors, and prepare young people for critical  situations likely to occur involving themselves or their peers in relation to alcohol use by them or others.



YE open your mind



Name: Open Your Mind
Place: Vecpiebalga,Latvia
Time:28th of August-5th of September
Partner countries:Latvia,Georgian,France
Project description:The theme of the the project “Open Your Mind” was human rights with an emphasis on equal rights. The participating countries were Latvia (Vecpiebalgas Municipality), Georgia, and France (Flers). The exchange took place in Vecpiebalga region, a relatively small, but beautiful village in the central Latvia. We included six participants plus one leader from Georgia aged 18 – 25. The duration of the project was 9 days from 28.08.-05.09.2013. We had approximately 7 full days to make young people think about human and equal rights in general, about gender equality, about identity and sexuality, about religion and nationality, to reduce discrimination and promote equality of various human rights issues and to promote young people belonging to Europe and the understanding of European citizenship. It was great to see the impact in our participant mind and to see how tolerant, open-minded they became after return back in Georgia.

ye youth in game


Name: Youth in Game
Place: Latvia
Partner Countries:
 Latvia, Georgia
Project description:*The aim of the project-  young people from Latvia and Georgia give poosibility to get know bouth culture and create space for corporation. The main activities of the project – young people create new table game in mix group and present them in table game afternoon in Stopiņi district. In programme we also use non formal method – introduction and group building game, discussion in a small group, group work etc. In the end of project we will have table game which are create by participiants and they will take them home to present and play them with young people from home town. For future cooperation we have plan to make new projects.



 YE Healthy traffic


Name: Healthy Traffic
Place: Rouge,Estonia
Time:15-25th of June
Partner Countries:Estonia,Latvia,Armenia,Georgia
Project description:“Healthy Traffic” is an innovative youth project to build knowledge and understanding in youth related road safety situations. Participants will come together around Midsummer celebration time when a significant increase of traffic in roads is always felt as many people are leaving the town and going to countryside to celebrate. A lot of alcohol-related road accidents and deaths are registered in this time period. This project aims to raise awareness and to promote action around factors which can make the greatest impact in reducing road traffic injuries among young people. During project days project’s participants will improve their inter-cultural understanding and real mutual inter-cultural experience in  youth related road safety issues in different countries, will gain skills in first aid, create short video clips, street actions and posters to help the Public Bodies to stabilise and then reduce road traffic fatalities in our local communities and around the world.


tc peer to peer


Name: Peer to Peer-healthy lifestyle of young people
Place: Granada,Spain
Time:08-16th of July
Partner Countries: Macedonia, Georgia, Latvia and Spain
Project description:This training course “Peer to Peer – Healthy Lifestyle of Young People” includes youth leaders age [18-22 ] coming particularly from rural areas of Macedonia, Georgia, Latvia and Spain.During 7 days of training they will learn about peer education methods; facts about HIV/AIDS including sexual and reproductive health issues. Also, they will have the opportunity to prepare and share with the group their own project ideas about peer education in this field. They will explore all vulnerable issues that are closely connected to us all. How to create a groups of youngsters – peer educators, how to involve youth and motivate them.This International Peer Education Training will empower youngsters to further develop their skills in communication and group dynamics, while exploring values, attitudes and knowledge in the field of HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and youth programming in the field of prevention and health promotion.



tc evs is life


Place: Mugla,Turkey
Time:03-10th of June
Partner Countries: Armenia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Greece, Latvia and Turkey
Project description: “EVS is LIFE” is a training course which will take place on 3-10 June 2013 in Muğla/Turkey. From 13 different organization, 2 person per organization will participate to the training which will let EVS organizations get together. Including trainers and supporting staff, 33 person will attend this project. The target audience of the project are workers and volunteers of the organizations who hold EVS activities, EVS coordinators, mentors and potential EVS candidates. The target of the project are, raising the quality and variety of EVS and founding new strategies for it. We are also intending to getting EVS organizations which are neighbors to Europe with their European colleagues together to make new partnerships and spreading EVS.



eCOart for eco mission

Name:Ecoart for Eco Mission

Place: Rezekne,Latvia
Time: 11-19of May
Partner Countries: Latvia,Spain,Georgia,Italy,Moldova
Project description:


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