About GYE

Georgian Youth For Europe is an non-governmental organisation that was established on the 25th of December 2006.  The organisation is based in Rustavi City, in the Kvemo Kartli Region of Eastern Georgia.


To motivate Rustavi Youth to develop their personal potential as individual and responsible citizens.

 our CURRENT team

Since GYE is not only a sending organization (Sending Georgian to serve as EVS volunteers abroad), but also a hosting organization (hosting European EVS volunteers in Rustavi), our GYE Team consists of 5 permanent employees and 5 long-term EVS volunteers.


Past TEAM MEmbers


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  2. Hi, I’m very interesred in your organization and would like to become its member if it’s possible. I’m a student at free university of Tbilisi. I live in Rustavi.

    • Hello!!!

      We are really happy that you want to become a member. Of course it is possible! When will you be available to come to the office?

      I hope to meet you soon !

    • Hello.

      EVS and youth exchanges are wonderful ways to learn and grow. Our organization can definitely help you participate in these sorts of activities. You do need to be a member, but the membership fee doesn’t cost much money and is worth it! In addition to traveling, as a member you can participate in free GYE activities in Georgia, like foreign language classes, workshops, art clubs, and many other things.

      Please contact Vaxo at vakhtanggye@gmail.com to get more details about our programs and membership.

      We hope to hear from you soon!

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