Polish EVS Volunteer 2014

Polish EVS Volunteer 2014

Hey! I’m Ania, a long-term EVS volunteer from Poland. In GYE I’ll be leading English Conversation Club together with a cool British guy – Elliott. Together with Beatka and Eva I will also spend some time with kids from Sapovnela. I’m sure we will have a great fun!

Volunteering from 1.10.2013 till 1.10.2014


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  1. Hi, Ania! I’m very glad I’ve found information about your club! I’m 20 years old psychology and liberal arts student and I’m attending polish language lessons at university, I’m at A1 level can I join your polish language club? Usually I have time on monday evening and sometimes I also have free time on wednseday evening. I’m really really motivated and I do love polish language! :)

    • Hi Anna!

      I apologize for such a late reply. Did you come to Ania’s Polish club? It is still going on and we would love to have you if you are still interested and available. I believe the club meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:50 p.m.

      Thanks and hope to see you soon!

    • Ana, did you ever get a chance to join Polish club? I was reviewing all the comments on the website and I saw that nobody responded to yours.

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