Gus Davidson

Peace Corps Volunteer 2011-2013

Peace Corps Volunteer 2011-2013

• Designed and implemented a month-long training on film-making and journalism for 25 students that explored issues of social justice, community advocacy, civic engagement, and media reform.
• Collaborated with another organization to create and establish a young adult café and learning center which supported underprivileged youth in the community; developed a hands-on approach at the center in three major components: 1) business education relevant to personal employment and hospitality; 2) democratic practices and principles; and, 3) critical thinking and problem solving.
• Assisted in the establishment of a positive, non-formal educational experience called “Our Shared Village” which aided rural young adults in the development of small business projects and income generation; secured funding to host 23 participants from eight Eastern European countries for a seven-day study visit focusing on rural community development and income generation.
• Developed and managed a community project that produced 13 working beehives which created sustainable economic operations and provided income to impoverished households.
• Developed and conducted seminars and training programs for more than 300 community members and students on the following topics: volunteerism, project design and management, strategic planning, effective business letter writing, business plan writing, CV/resume writing, and SWOT analysis.

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