Laura 2013

Portuguese EVS Volunteer 2013

Portuguese EVS Volunteer 2013

I’m Laura. I’m 31 years old and I’m from Portugal. I came to Georgia as an EVS Volunteer last January, so I’ve already been here for 9 months and I love it. Georgia has felt like home to me for a long time already. I will work with GYE until December and I will be active in working with the Disability Center in New Rustavi. While here, I developed a project that has collected clothes and other items from people’s homes that they no longer use and then we distribute those items to Tserovani IDP camp, the Sapovnela Children-who meet with us weekly to play games- and to the Mother and Baby center in New Rustavi. Even after I go home this project will be continued by another volunteer, Beata from Slovakia. So come visit us and enjoy the clubs we haves. Let’s cooperate. Let’s be active life is more fun like this!

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