Organizational Structure

GYE Organizational Structure



The board is responsible for approving the strategy of GYE.  Their expertise also helps inform GYE’s employees about how to improve their performance and expand GYE’s reach.


GYE’s director monitors and evaluates the performance of GYE’s employees and oversees the hosting and sending of all EVS volunteers, short and long-term.

EVS and Mentor Coordinator

Salome’s responsibilities of the EVS and Mentor Coordinator include applying to host long term volunteers, organizing volunteers schedule, preparing for and giving orientation and Georgian language instruction.  She also monitors and evaluates the long term volunteers progress with regard to key competencies and finalize Youth Passes. Salome Gvelesiani Resume 2014

Fundraising Coordinator

In addition to overseeing GYE’s Georgian language projects and managing summer projects, Vakhtang also researches and applies for funding.  He also monitors GYE’s finances to ensure that GYE functions as efficiently and effectively as possible. VAKHTANG _ CV 2014

Marketing and Membership Coordinator

Achiko maintains the membership information and is responsible for making sure that members are aware of all the activities that GYE offers.  He also regularly sends information about youth exchange and volunteering opportunities to members.  When dealing with marketing, Achiko writes articles for the Bulldozer-GYE’s official Newsletter-and ensures that it is published in a timely fashion.  Additionally, he is responsible for updating the GYE website, facebook page, and youtube channel.

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