Czech ex EVS Volunteer 2014

Czech ex EVS Volunteer 2014

Who I am…

I’m Eva from Czech republic. There I have had time for some studies (focused on culture and media), work (many kind of temporary help, four years in travel agency), fun, travelling, nothing doing. I really love books, music and motion (especially riding bike, I have almost 3000 km on speedometr for this “biking season”).
I’m kind of obsessed with text, meaning and its paraphrasing, sémiology. I need all the time new impulses so I’m still trying to provide some. I am analysing person.
In GYE (media club) I’d like to improve my former experience with PR and working like editor. As I really like ideas of GYE I will do my best to progress both this organisation and myself.

Volunteering from 1.10.2013 till 1.10.2014

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